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Scenic Adventures

You’ll be in awe when you experience the serenity of nature from a bird’s-eye perspective. Sweet Helicopters can reveal to you the midwest’s stunning fall foliage, expansive lakes, remarkable caves, and more from a perspective you will never forget. We’ll help you pick the most exciting and picturesque outings, or we can even help you create your own personalized tour of the skies.

City Tour

Looking for an exciting way to re-discover the cities of the midwest? Sweet Helicopters will give you an entirely new perspective on the Chicago skyline, the Indianapolis raceways, the St. Louis Arch, or anyplace else you desire. Our experienced pilots are ready and waiting to reveal cityscapes as you’ve never seen before.

Lakes and Rivers Tour

From the Great Lakes to the innumerable rivers that wind their way through the heart of the Midwest, our local waterways are truly breathtaking to behold. Take in the rich beauty of these natural wonders in a way you’ve never experienced before, with a Sweet Helicopters Lakes and Rivers Tour.

Fall Foliage

Fiery red maples and golden oaks create a captivating fall landscape that can only be truly appreciated from the air. Take to the skies with our expert pilots to experience the beauty of autumn in the midwest like never before. Let Sweet Helicopters create this unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones, in comfort and style.

Dunes Tour

The sand dunes of Michigan and northern Indiana are some of the most majestic features of Lake Michigan’s coastline — and one of the least convenient to reach. Unless you fly with Sweet Helicopters that is. The cascading golden waves of sand take on a whole new dimension when you experience them from the comfort of your own private helicopter cabin.

Caves Tour

Southern Indiana is home to a surprising array of caves and natural caverns, accenting the lakes and hills of the surrounding terrain. Discover the mystery and splendor of the geological processes that formed the heartland of the USA, from the comfort and safety of an Sweet Helicopters cave tour.


With so much to discover in the skies over the midwest, why spend your time on “tourist” tours with a crowded group and limited departure times? Tell us what you want to see and when you want to see it, and Sweet Helicopters will take care of the rest. When you choose Sweet Helicopters’ uTour™ charter, we’ll do whatever it takes to give you and your private party the most memorable experience possible. Learn more »