Charter helicopter flights to the 2024 Indianapolis 500

Skip the long lines, heavy traffic, and tedious travel, and don’t miss the chance to enjoy the Indianapolis 500 without all the hassle. Instead, make a lifelong memory with an incredible VIP travel experience by landing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway right outside turn 2. Sweet Helicopters charter flights will save you time while getting you to and from the speedway safely in comfort and style.

We make chartering to and from the track easy:

Round-trip comfort and convenience – fly directly to the race track and miss the traffic, not a lap!


Comfort and convenient travel
Our fleet offers noise-canceling headphones, comfortable seating with ample leg room, air-conditioning, and more.

Perfect for sponsors, teams, and fans
Get to and from the track quickly and safely.

Purchase with peace of mind
Tickets are fully refundable if you are unable to make your flight for any reason.

Four convenient departure and return locations:
Indianapolis Executive Airport
Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport
Indianapolis Downtown Heliport
Indianapolis International Airport


A Charter Fleet Unique to the Region

All of our aircraft are meticulously maintained and offer premium passenger amenities, allowing for quick, easy travel and maximum comfort.

Leonardo 109S Leonardo 109S
Airbus H130 Airbus H130
How can I buy a ticket?

Tickets will go on sale in late February/early March. Be sure to sign up below to receive notification when tickets are available.

What am I allowed to bring with me?

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has some gate regulations. View an updated list here.

What information is required to fly?

As the world’s largest single day sporting event, there are numerous rules and regulations we must follow to make your charter into the event as smooth as possible. One part of those regulations is providing a passenger manifest to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Required information for all passengers is the first and last name, city, state, date of birth, gender as it appears on your official ID, and weight. Citizens of the United States will need to confirm their information by checking the box marked US Citizen and if you have a Passport, TSA Pre-Check, or Global Entry number please enter it where indicated. This will help TSA clear you more quickly. If your country of origin is other than the United States, we will need to know your country of origin and a valid passport number.

Where do we enter the raceway?
How soon can I depart?

Please remember that the timing of your departure flight from the Indy 500 helipad is solely based on a first-come, first-served basis. Moving over 300 passengers at the same time will cause delays in your departure time. Realizing that your time is important, Sweet Helicopters has allocated additional aircraft and flight crews on race day but this is NOT a guarantee there won’t be some delays from the Indy 500 helipad back to your gateway airport or heliport. Our recommendation is to arrive at the helipad sometime before the race has officially ended in order to minimize your delay. Thank you for flying with Sweet Helicopters, the official helicopter charter service for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and more importantly, thank you for your understanding and patience.