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Professional Charters

Professional Charters

Life is hectic enough without worrying about how you’ll reach your destination, especially with rush hour traffic and long flight layovers. You deserve a fast, dependable, professional way to get there. From your morning commute to essential meetings, we provide the fast and convenient transportation you need. Even in the bustling metropolises of Chicago and Indianapolis, we’ll land you within minutes of your destination safely and reliably.

Executive Transport

You’re a busy professional and your time is valuable — so why worry about the logistics of getting to that important meeting, or how to impress a potential client? Our helicopters transcend the rush hour traffic and long airport layovers, so you can focus on the purpose of your trip instead of the logistics. We’re committed to getting you there on time and in style.

Corporate Transfers

What do you do when your important meeting is in Fort Wayne, but your flight has to connect through Indianapolis? You could wait hours for your connecting flight. Or you could rent a car and make the commute, uncertain when you will arrive. Why not fly instead? Our fleet can get you there in under an hour, with valuable time to spare!

Air Commute

It’s easy to forget about the demands of the professional world when you commute with the birds. We’re ready to turn your everyday commute into a stunningly scenic journey. And best of all, commuting by private helicopter will add more time back to your day than you would expect.

Airport Connections

Getting to the airport can sometimes be even more stressful than the rest of your trip. And after a productive trip, why wait for hours for your connecting flight home when you could be having dinner with your family? Let us get you to and from the major airports of the midwest.

City-to-City Transfers

If you need to be in Chicago at 9:00, Indianapolis at noon, and back to Chicago in time for your 3:00 board meeting, rely on our fleet to make it happen. We specialize in city-to-city transfers, providing you with the expedience you need to meet even the most demanding schedules. Call and ask about our city-to-city services today!

Private Tours

Whether you’re scouting out a location for your next building site, or want to show an important client an overview of your facilities, a private tour with us is the best way to get the lay of the land. We’ll work closely with you to develop the perfect flight plan to meet your needs and your schedule.

Request a Quote or General Information

Our elite fleet of charter helicopters is ready to fly you away in safety and comfort. Whether you need to attend an important meeting 300 miles away, survey construction sites, or even make an airport connection, we have the perfect helicopter for just about every situation. All of our aircraft offer ample legroom in comfortable, customized seats; air conditioning for maximum comfort; and Bose noise-cancelling headsets allowing for easy communication or relaxation.

Airbus H130

Our H130s feature plush, forward-facing seating, low vibration levels, and unobstructed panoramic views for up to six passengers. This helicopter has an excellent reputation for its superior performance and safety record and offers a premium experience, whether you’re taking a trip for business or pleasure.

Endurance/range: 2.5 hours/300 miles/155 mph

AgustaWestland 109S

A premium, powerful, and elegant twin-engine helicopter ideal for corporate travel with spacious cabin seating.

Eurocopter AS350 B3e AStar

A single-engine workhorse with the best performance in its class when it comes to versatility and safety. Often used for our utility jobs, it can also comfortably seat five passengers on charter transports.