Skip the long lines, heavy traffic, and tedious travel, and don’t miss the chance to enjoy Hy-Vee INDYCAR Weekend in Newton, Iowa without all the hassle. We invite you to make a lifelong memory with an incredible VIP travel experience. Sweet Helicopters race day flights will transport you directly from Des Moines International Airport to right outside the racetrack and then back again at the end of the day. When you fly with us, you can expect to save valuable time while traveling safely in comfort and style.

Fly in Comfort*
Experience round-trip comfort and convenience. Fly directly to Iowa Speedway on your schedule and miss the traffic, not a lap!


Travel in comfort and style
Our Airbus 130 helicopter offers noise-canceling headphones, comfortable seating with ample leg room, air conditioning, and more.

Perfect for sponsors, teams, and fans
Get to and from the track quickly, safely, and on your schedule without added hassle.

Convenient departure and return location
In 15 minutes, we can take you from Des Moines International to Johnson Aviation, which is just a short walk from the racetrack.

A Helicopter Fleet Unique to the Region

Our aircraft are meticulously maintained and offer premium passenger amenities, allowing for quick, easy travel and maximum comfort.

Airbus H130 Airbus H130