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Executive Transport

Sweet Helicopters knows what it takes to stay ahead in the professional world. If you’re tired of canceled flights, long layovers, or hours of traffic, let us take the headache out of your next business trip. We’ll provide you graceful access to all the major centers of the midwest, turning what could be a hectic commute into a scenic journey.

Imagine being able to engage your client against a backdrop of breathtaking forest on a crisp autumn afternoon. Envision finalizing your notes for your presentation in the privacy of your own luxury cabin, instead of racing through a crowded airport hoping your connecting flight hasn’t left yet. Sweet Helicopters isn’t just about how you get there — we’re focused on how you feel when you get there.

We provide the professional, experienced, and personalized charter service that you deserve. Let us know where and when, and let us take care of how. Free yourself from the frustration and uncertainty of commuting. You’ll be glad you did.