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Direct to Indy™

What’s the best part of a well-earned getaway in Indianapolis? Take your pick! From fine dining to captivating museums, exciting sporting events to exceptional theatrical productions, Indianapolis is an amazing city with something special for everyone. So why let getting there take the fun out of your next outing? With Sweet Helicopters’ Direct to Indy™ service, you can trade the hectic highway traffic, inner-city congestion, and parking problems for a luxurious ride in a private helicopter. There’s simply no better way to experience all that Indianapolis has to offer!

Sweet Aviation Helicopter’s Direct to Indy™ service can take you from Northeast Indiana to the heart of downtown Indianapolis in only 45 minutes. Imagine a breathtaking scenic journey over the heart of the midwest that ends by touching down just minutes from the Colts or Pacers game. Skip the traffic problems and add hours of enjoyment to your day. And when you’re ready to return, there’s an exhilarating helicopter ride back home to look forward to.

Simply put, there’s no better way to reach Indianapolis than with your own private helicopter. With all of the sports, dining, and entertainment that Indianapolis has to offer, you’ll be glad that you saved hours of time by avoiding the stress of traffic. No matter what your reason is for visiting Indianapolis, Sweet Helicopters will get you there and back quickly, safely, and professionally.