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Airport Connections

Airport ConnectionsSometimes the shortest flight of your journey can take the biggest toll on you. Why battle highway traffic, only to park miles from the terminal? Why disappoint your family just because your last connecting flight home was delayed? With personal airport shuttle service from Sweet Helicopters, the shortest leg of your trip will become the most relaxing part of your journey.

Think about your typical experience getting to a major airport. Now picture being able to drive to a local airfield in a low-traffic area, pulling up to your private helicopter. Fast forward to the end of your trip, as you’re waiting to pick up your bags so you can battle your way out of the airport parking lot. Wouldn’t you rather be picked up by an opulently appointed helicopter, ready to drop you off with your car waiting for you?

With convenient and professional access to all the major airports of the midwest, we’re ready to make the start and end of your journey the most enjoyable part of your trip.