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Air Commute

It’s easy to forget how beautifully tranquil the midwest scenery is when you’re stuck in your morning commute. Why not replace the honking horns with whispering winds, and the miles of traffic with forest-covered hills? Sweet Helicopters is ready to turn your commute into a scenic tour — and you’ll get there faster than you thought possible.

Imagine getting a little extra sleep in the morning, with the peace of mind that your private helicopter is ready and waiting for you. Picture being able to read the paper or your favorite journal during your commute, instead of making a white-knuckle run down the highway. Commuting by helicopter isn’t just safer and more convenient, it can become the most relaxing part of your day.

If you commute on a regular basis, you may not even realize how much time — and energy — that you can save by commuting by helicopter. With easy accessibility and a commitment to your schedule, Sweet Helicopters will get you to work with style and efficiency, and will get you home in time for dinner with your family.