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Aerial Production & Utility

From aerial photography and video to surveying and inspection, our versatile fleet of helicopters will help you get the job done safely and efficiently. Our pilots have the talent and experience to provide the precision flying needed for these projects.

Real Estate Surveying

There is no better way to impress your client with a potential property than from the expansive perspective of your private helicopter cabin. Satisfy investors checking on your progress by showing them a birds-eye view of the entire construction site. Survey maps and on-site inspections can never completely give you the big picture — Sweet Helicopters can!

Site Surveys

There’s no better way to get the big-picture perspective of your operations than in the comfort and convenience of a private helicopter. Impress your clients with a breathtaking overview of prospective locations or busy job sites, with the accessibility and professionalism your business deserves. Whether you’re scouting locations or assessing progress, Sweet Helicopters is ready to make it easier than ever.

Aerial Production

When you’re deep into the production of a major project, the professionalism and reliability of your support crews are paramount. Sweet Helicopters is ready to give you the access you need to the skies of the midwest, from the majestic lakes of Michigan to the rolling plains of America’s heartland. Our highly-trained crew will conform with your schedule to serve your production needs, so you can focus on your project and not on the logistics. Click here to see an example of an aerial shoot with Sweet Helicopters!

Environmental Studies

Your research is demanding enough, why waste valuable time and resources dealing with logistics too? Sweet Helicopters gives you unparalleled access to the lakes, wetlands, and forests of the midwest with expedience and professionalism. We’ll take you where you need and when you need, so you can focus completely on collecting the data your research relies on.

Aerial Law Enforcement

Our helicopters can be chartered used in a law enforcement emergency to provide aerial coverage of a suspect or vehicle chase. Sometimes pursuit on the ground just isn’t enough and we can have our helicopters prepped and up in the air quickly so you don’t lose valuable time.

Utility Service

Sweet Helicopters can assist in the survey and maintenance of power lines and gas and oil pipelines throughout the Midwest. Utility work, including pipeline and power line survey and inspection, is specialized and requires precision flying, intense concentration, and well planned and organized safety procedures throughout the operation. The experience and expertise of Sweet helicopters and its crews in this area of operation makes us the best choice for this type of project.

News Coverage

When breaking news unfolds and you need fast, dependable, and safe access to the sky, Sweet Helicopters is your gateway to ultimate coverage. We have the experience and professionalism to get you to the action safely and quickly, with complete access to all major areas of the midwest. If it’s happening now and you need to cover it, we’ll get you there.