Samaritan 2: Leonardo AW169
Samaritan 2: Leonardo AW169
Samaritan 2: Leonardo AW169
Number of Patients
2 Adult Patients
Max Speed
166 MPH
424 Miles

Samaritan 2: Leonardo AW169

The Fort Wayne base is located at Parkview Regional Medical Center on the north side of the city. Both helicopters are called into action by Parkview Logistics Center located on the Parkview Hospital Randallia campus.

  • Since the Samaritan Flight Program began in 1989, its helicopter crews have flown more than 24,000 patients who needed critical medical assistance.
  • Samaritan’s service area is a 100-mile radius of Fort Wayne and Rochester, covering the northern half of Indiana, northwest Ohio and southwest Michigan.
  • Each helicopter is equipped to fly 200 miles one way, if necessary.
  • On average, Samaritan leaves the helipad 5.6 minutes from the time a call is received by dispatch.
  • Samaritan 1 averages two flights per day, and Samaritan 2 averages one and a half.
  • About 51 percent of Samaritan flights are trauma-related; 40 percent of these flights are to pick up patients from the scene of injury, and 60 percent are to pick up from facilities referring patients to Parkview Regional Medical Center.