How do I book a flight?

The first step in booking a flight is contacting us to start the process. You can either email or call us at (260) 459-4354.

How many people can I bring along with me on a helicopter flight?

Our fleet of charter helicopters accommodate a variety of group sizes. Our largest helicopter can seat up to five passengers, including yourself.

How safe is helicopter travel?

Nothing is more important than the safety of our guests.

We take excessive measures to ensure our entire fleet of helicopters are performing at their optimal levels and are meticulously, and regularly, maintained down to the very last detail. Learn more about our extraordinary fleet of helicopters.

How comfortable is it to fly in a helicopter?

Very! The Sweet Helicopters fleet provides temperature-controlled cabins, extra-wide seating, and generous storage space for your necessities, making our helicopters just as comfortable for a weekend getaway as they are for a short tour.

How do your helicopters compare to other charter helicopters?

Our helicopters were chosen for their spaciousness, comfort, and reliability. They’re as fun to ride as they are to fly, and all of our helicopters are the quietest available in their respective classes.

Will I feel airsick?

Surprisingly, most people that do experience airsickness on planes do not have the same negative experience on helicopters, reporting that they were more comfortable than they ever expected. And our expert pilots have years of experience in making your flight as comfortable and exciting as possible.

Where can I go?

If it’s in the Midwest, Sweet Helicopters will most likely be able to get you there. Give us a call and let us know the details of your proposed adventure, and our crew will work with you to plan the perfect outing.

How romantic can a flight by helicopter really be?

Engagement and anniversary flights are some of our most popular outings, thanks to the comfort, privacy and luxuriousness of our helicopter cabins. Our charter helicopters are quieter than any helicopter in their class for a truly serene flight. And we know how important the little extra touches are — we can even provide the champagne and roses for a truly unforgettable evening.